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"I love the process of design from concept development thru management of is rewarding problem solving on every level"
We reach people through the eyes by manipulating the environment.

In business, design is a language that can influence, impact and move people to action. It should attract and support positive growth thru the tangible evidence the eye perceives in structure or graphics.

At home a successfully designed space is a recharging haven, a reflection of your individuality to the world. It is a multifunctional space that supports your life, family and work.

Our philosophy is not to build a monument to our company but to distill, interpret, evolve and execute applied design, in concert with you, that resonate and support your goals.
Our studio is small & personal. The principal works directly with you keeping informed of every aspect of your project. Having been the director of several very large design studios in the past the principal of design complex has had the experience of being involved in very large scale, demanding projects all over the country.

In many firms the principal spends more time on non-design issues and being involved in delegation that results in miscommunication. At design complex the face you see is the one doing the work. The one with 25 years of experience.

We use a support team of individuals such as engineers, drafters and trades people who work like we do and own their own businesses. Many we have worked with for years so we know their work and they know ours. This arrangement cuts down on overhead and mistakes, which in the end shows on your bottom line.

A meeting with you to discuss your project is how we begin and then generally proceed using the following format.

Programming Phase: ascertain requirements, develop budgets and determine a schedule

Schematic Design:
translate collected information into a basic concept

Design Development:
develop the concept into real life information

Contract Documents:
prepare tangible, legal interpretation of the services required, confirm pricing, and lead times

procure products and services on your behalf

Project Management: planning and implementation of the specifications
Coordinate trades, track lead times, phase the program
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